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SUP Shropshire meets Jo Moseley (TheJoyOfSupPodcast)

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

During 2021I was contacted by the lovely and inspirational Jo Moseley. Jo is the host of "the joy of SUP podcast" a MUST listen and the first female to paddleboard coast to coast.

Jo is currently travelling the UK researching areas to paddleboard which she will be writing about in her new book. I was fortunate enough to be contacted by Jo to see if I would show her some areas in Shropshire.

The moment I opened the door and saw Jo's smile I knew it was going to be a good couple of days. After a cup of tea and good old chat we headed to Shrewsbury for the first paddle. If you've not been to Shrewsbury its a beautiful town steeped in history and an excellent paddle spot with easy access.

On day two I had the big one planned, a paddle that wouls be hard to find anywhere else in the country. We went on a stunning journey along the river Severn form Bridgnorth to Arley and travelled back on a STEAM TRAIN!

Although Jo has inspirational stories to tell and you can have a taste of this in her film Brave Enough where she paddles coast to coast, she is all about promoting others. Jo's motto is "we rise by lifting others" and she sure does that.

Thanks to Jo I have direction in my vision to share the river with others, promoting safety and guidance to new and old paddleboarders.

“I had such a wonderful time with Craig on the River Severn. His attention to detail, understanding of the river and safety knowledge made me feel in very good hands. We had such a lovely, relaxed day paddling and I would recommend him to anyone, beginner, intermediate or advanced paddleboarder who is looking to explore the Severn and all its beauty.”

Jo Moseley

Host of The Joy of SUP - the Paddleboarding Sunshine Podcast

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