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Why take a River Awareness Guided Session?

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Our rivers are dangerous! A guided session isn't just about taking you from A-B. We have designed our sessions to introduce you to the many hazards in a fun and interactive way.

At SUP Shropshire Adventure Guiding, our aim is combining adventure and safety education. We all know that safety can be a boring subject, but if you're cruising through the Shropshire countryside, swooshing through small rapids, then safety isn't as boring as you think.

A guided session will introduce you to new places to paddle, mingle with like minded people and just have an awesome day.

So why did I design the sessions the way I have? As an operational Fire Officer I have seen the devastation of accidents on our waterways, the more we can do to raise awareness of the dangers the better. As a volunteer SUP Coach for a local sailing club I would often hear comments that they would love to access the river but its too dangerous or in some cases they were accessing the river with the wrong equipment.

Our sessions help you to understand the dangers of the river. How to read its movement and use it to your advantage. We will teach you how to take up the defensive swimming position and self rescue in moving water. We will talk through the correct kit to carry and wear.

We want everyone to enjoy our river systems, they have given me a space to unwind and exercise my mental health. But we want everyone to do this in a safe and responsible manner. By offering these sessions we have an opportunity to create safer paddleboarders but also have some fun and adventure along the way.

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